Joe Biden’s cognitive failure is so bad that Democrats are now facing this tough choice

Jun 7, 2024

Joe Biden is the oldest President in American history.

It shows every day.

And Joe Biden’s cognitive failure is so bad that Democrats are now facing this tough choice.

Bombshell Wall Street Journal article 

Joe Biden is 81 years old, and his physical and mental decrepitude are impossible to hide.

Biden struggles to exit a stage without assistance.

Biden only calls on pre-approved questioners at press conferences and reads his answer from notecards.

And Biden just looks lost in public when he claims to have recently spoken to world leaders who died in the 20th century.

But for four years, the big media outlets refused to report the obvious.

That all changed with a blockbuster Wall Street Journal story.

The headline of the piece was “Behind Closed Doors, Biden Shows Signs of Slipping.”

In the story, the Journal described a declining President whose condition is so bad he can only read from notes in meetings with lawmakers and zones out so badly that it created the uncomfortable scene where attendees believed Biden fell asleep.

“He read from notes to make obvious points, paused for extended periods and sometimes closed his eyes for so long that some in the room wondered whether he had tuned out,” the Journal reported.

Even RINOs who allied with Biden to help him pass his agenda noticed Biden’s diminished cognitive state.

“I used to meet with him when he was vice president. I’d go to his house,” former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy told the Journal. 

“He’s not the same person,” McCarthy added.

The Journal reported it spoke to 45 sources – both Republicans and Democrats.

And even Democrats spoke of Biden like he was going senile.

“Some who have worked with him, however, including Democrats and some who have known him back to his time as vice president, described a president who appears slower now, someone who has both good moments and bad ones,” The Journal also reported.

The White House monitored the Journal’s interviews with Democrats and pressured those who spoke with the Journal for the story to contact the reporters a second time and offer North Korean “dear leader” type praise of Biden.

“They just, you know, said that I should give you a call back,” Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-NY) told the reporters.

Biden’s handlers shield him from the public 

Biden does fewer interviews or press conferences than any of his predecessors.

That’s because Biden’s handlers don’t want him speaking in off-the-cuff situations.

A disastrous interview with Time Magazine showed why.

Biden confused Russian President Vladimir Putin with Communist China’s Xi Jinping.

And Biden challenged the Time reporter to a fight when the reporter asked Biden if he thought he could still do the job in a second term when he was 85 years old.

The timing of this story struck many as odd since it comes right as Biden is preparing for his June 27 debate with Donald Trump.

Are Democrats setting the ground to dump Biden before the August convention if Biden turns in a stinker of a debate performance.

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