Joe Biden’s brother made a damning admission that should get Joe Biden impeached

Mar 6, 2024

Joe Biden’s allies in the media keep lying about Republicans not turning up evidence of impeachable offenses.

The latest round of witness interviews produced a massive smoking gun.

And Joe Biden’s brother made a damning admission that should get Joe Biden impeached.

Joe Biden loans take center stage in impeachment inquiry 

Joe Biden supposedly loaned his brother James Biden $40,000 and $200,000 in 2017 and 2018.

James Biden wired Joe Biden “repayment” for these loans right after receiving money from foreign business deals.

Republicans accused the Bidens of running a scheme where they would send money owed to Joe Biden through his family members to create a layer of insulation.

Money laundering outfits often use phony loans to cover up corrupt financial transactions.

James Biden testified he asked family friend and attorney Melvyn Monzack if Joe Biden could loan him some money since he was down on his luck.

“I asked Mel if Joe was in a position to do it,” James Biden testified to the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees. “I then thanked Joe and called him and requested that the transaction happen.”

In 2017, Joe Biden sent $40,000, and in 2018, he wired his brother another $200,000.

James Biden testimony contains massive bombshell 

Just reading the media coverage, it would seem like this was no big deal.

CNN reported that James Biden admitted he paid back Joe Biden the $200,000 with money received from an Americorp business deal.

“James Biden also confirmed that he used the $200,000 he had received through his work with Americore to pay his brother back, but never told his brother or Monzack the source of the funds he used to repay his loans,” CNN reported.

But it would take an astute observer to note that CNN ignored  how James Biden paid back the $40,000 loan.

CNN ignored that fact because of what James Biden actually said.

Under oath, James Biden admitted he used money he received from a deal with a Communist Chinese energy company, CEFC, to pay back his brother.

“If you’re asking him whether he knew he’d gotten — he knew he was getting money through the Hudson West, CEFC, deal? Is that what you’re asking?” Biden’s attorney asked.

“I’m asking him where he believed — James Biden was receiving money in Lion Hall Group from Owasco, PC, around this timeframe. Where did you believe the source of the money that was going into Owasco, prior to being sent to you, was coming from?” a committee staff attorney responded, clarifying he meant the source of the money James Biden used to pay back his brother.

“CEFC,” James Biden answered.

Former Biden family business associate Tony Bobulinski declared that Communist China compromised Joe Biden through the money it sent to his family.

Now, Republicans have documented proof that money from Communist China ended up in Joe Biden’s bank account, showing that Biden directly benefited from his family’s foreign business deals.

And conservatives believe that is plenty of evidence to move on articles of impeachment.

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