Joe Biden will end up in court over this piece of paper

Jun 7, 2024

The left-wing media ignored Joe Biden’s legal problems and went wall-to-wall with Democrats’ lawfare witch hunts against Donald Trump.

But Joe Biden is about to face another legal fight.

And Joe Biden will end up in court over this piece of paper.

Joe Biden tries to gaslight voters into thinking he cares about the border

Since Joe Biden took office, his administration smuggled more illegal aliens into America than the population of 36 states.

Americans are horrified at the number of terrorists, drug dealers, and criminals that Biden’s allowing to pour into the country.

Biden’s trafficking so many illegal aliens into the country that they are overrunning America’s biggest cities.

135 of New York City’s 600 hotels now house illegal aliens.

For three months in a row, Gallup’s polling showed Americans listed illegal immigration as the number one problem facing the country.

Every poll shows Donald Trump holds a massive lead over Joe Biden on the issue of immigration which explains why polls show Trump leading Joe Biden nationally and in the battlegrounds.

With less than five months to go before the general election, Biden finally signed a long talked about executive order that the media claimed would “seal” the border once the number of illegal entries exceeded 2,500 per day.

Since the average number of illegal aliens crossing the border stood at 3,700 per day when Biden signed the order, Biden’s supporters in the press claimed Biden immediately shut down the border.

The facts

This was a lie.

Biden’s executive order imposed no such border shut down.

This order was all for show as experts quickly pointed out that Biden’s executive order contained so many loopholes as to render it useless.

“In addition to those who seek entry to the U.S. via ports of entry using the CBP One app and unaccompanied minors, those exempted from the executive order are victims of a “severe form” of trafficking and those who face immediate medical emergencies or imminent threats to their safety, according to the White House,” the Daily Caller reports.

NewsNation’s Ali Bradley reported that officials tasked with immigration enhancement admitted this order maintained the open borders status quo.

“In an internal memo to ICE— The ERO Executive Associate Director says that CBP and ERO will not question illegal immigrants who cross the southern border and are processed for expedited removal while the limitation is in effect regarding their fear of return…” “If a noncitizen subject to the Presidential Proclamation is processed for expedited removal and manifests fear or an intention to apply for asylum or related protection while detained in ICE custody, the noncitizen must be referred to USCIS…” Bradley wrote on X.

“One source saying, ‘In other words nothing has changed…,’” Bradley also reported.

Republicans slammed the political theater Biden engaged in.

Liberals set to sue

Biden never intended this executive order to take effect.

As soon as Biden announced he would sign it, the ACLU announced it would sue Biden to block it.

“We intend to challenge this order in court. It was illegal when Trump did it, and it is no less illegal now,” deputy director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, Lee Gelernt, declared.

Even engaging in this make believe hurts Biden because it shows he could shut down the border if he wanted to with real executive action.

All he would have to do is implement the Trump border policies he rescinded when he took office.

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