Joe Biden told one lie about Fox News that instantly blew up in his face

Mar 13, 2024

Joe Biden – like Barack Obama before him – is at war with Fox News.

Neither Biden nor Obama could stand the fact that there was one cable news channel that refused to serve as a regime propaganda outfit.

And Joe Biden told one lie about Fox News that instantly blew up in his face.

Biden lies about Fox News in his stump speech

Days after his State of the Union, where a suspiciously-animated Joe Biden shouted his way through a 67-minute speech, Biden was back to his usual bumbling self.

Biden uncorked a whopper about Fox News, claiming he was watching the channel when one of the hosts claimed Biden’s socialist economic program would “ruin America.”

“I was watching on television last night about two in the morning after he got back to the house. The house. The White House. Still hard to think of it as home. I had the TV on. There was a Fox News commentator saying, ‘You know, Biden is changing from trickle-down economics to build from the middle-out, the bottom-up. Gonna ruin America,’” Biden began.

“Ruin America? We have the strongest economy in the world right now. Like I said–“ Biden added.

“Like I said – and I mean this sincerely – and I believed my whole career, finally got it done. If we focus on the middle class– first of all, first of all, they’re the heart and soul and sinew of the country. If you focus on them and give them an even chance, the poor have a way up and the wealthy still do very, very well. Still do very well,” Biden rambled.

“As I said, I’m a capitalist, but capitalism, when it turns to– engaged in non-competition, it ends up being just stealing,” Biden concluded.

No Fox News host said what Biden claimed

Even the left-wing website Mediaite admitted that no host on Fox News or Fox Business Channel said Biden would “ruin America.”

“Though Fox’s coverage of Biden’s speech was highly critical, a search of a TV transcript database yielded no such accusation of Biden seeking to “ruin America” on either Fox News Channel or Fox Business Network,” Mediaite’s Michael Luciano wrote.

Biden wants to gaslight Americans into thinking Donald Trump wrecked the economy and that Joe Biden created the biggest boom in American history.

But the American people remember unemployment being at historic lows in the pre-pandemic portion of Trump’s Presidency.

And in 2018, earnings for the bottom 10 percent of Americans on the income scale grew at a faster rate than those in the top 10 percent.

Americans understand that it was the unnecessary and unscientific COVID lockdowns that caused the economy to crash.

But they also know Joe Biden took office in 2021 and pumped $1.8 trillion into the economy as part of the Blue State Bailout Bill, which ignited the inflation crisis, which saw prices rise nearly 20 percent since Joe Biden took office.

Gas prices and inflation were lower under Donald Trump than Joe Biden.

That’s why every poll shows the American people believe Donald Trump’s policies helped them, whereas Joe Biden’s socialist agenda made their lives worse.

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