Joe Biden made one awful mistake that Sean Hannity said he will live to regret 

May 20, 2024

The 2024 campaign took an unexpected turn.

Joe Biden’s trying to throw a Hail Mary pass to overcome his polling deficit to Donald Trump.

And Joe Biden, made one awful mistake that Sean Hannity said he will live to regret.

Biden challenges Trump to two debates

Out of the blue, Joe Biden released a childish video featuring schoolyard taunts where he challenged Donald Trump to “make my day” and agree to debate Biden twice.

Biden proposed two debates – one in June and one in September – which represented a radical change from the normal three debate schedule that takes place in the fall.

The 180 on debates came 48 hours after New York Times/Siena polls showed Trump leading Biden in Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

Biden’s campaign also proposed other rules that these debates would take place in a TV studio.

There would be no audience present.

Biden demanded only the four most left-wing networks – CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS – could televise the debate.

The moderator would be chosen from the host network’s roster of talent.

And finally, a candidate’s microphone would automatically shut off if they spoke longer than the allotted time.

Sean Hannity reveals Biden’s big mistake 

In an appearance on Fox & Friends, Sean Hannity couldn’t believe Donald Trump’s good fortune.

“This made my day. This made my morning,” Hannity declared.

Hannity said if Biden wanted two debates, then Trump should propose one per month. 

“This is great news if you’re, if you’re Donald J. Trump today for a lot of reasons. And if I was President Trump, I’d say, ‘Why not make it, uh, June, July, August, September. Let’s have four, Joe. Really make my day. You wanna have a debate? Let’s have debates,’” Hannity continued.

“I think this is phenomenal news for a couple of reasons,” Hannity added. 

Hannity believed the debates would work to Trump’s advantage as Biden’s record is full of indefensible failure and polls show the public thinks Trump was a more successful President.

“One, I think that Donald Trump will wipe the floor with him, and I don’t care if we get these State Of The Union jacked up Joe with caffeine, Red Bull, or whatever. Uh, or we get regular Joe that could barely walk off the stage last night. I think it’s a great opportunity,” Hannity stated.

But Hannity also said the mic shutting off would work to Trump’s advantage, as in the first debate in 2020, Trump constantly interrupted Biden to try and throw him off his game, but voters found that strategy off putting.

Biden set a series of ground rules that would constrain Trump and eliminate an advantage Biden held four years ago.

“Also, he proposed a format that I think is extraordinarily favorable for the president, which is, if you’re not talking, your mic’s not on. I think one of the difficulties in 2020 is probably Donald Trump in that first debate was too aggressive. This will then kind of put, you know, rails in place so that one person talked at a time. And the more Joe talks, I think the worse he does,” Hannity concluded.

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