Joe Biden just gave the military this scary order for the 2024 election

May 30, 2024

Joe Biden continues to show he’s the biggest threat to American democracy.

Biden wasn’t just content to weaponize the justice system to try and defeat Donald Trump.

Now Joe Biden just gave the military this scary order for the 2024 election.

Joe Biden tells West Point graduates to join the fight to defeat Donald Trump

During his commencement speech to 2024 graduates of West Point, Biden told the cadets that they were duty-bound to help him defeat Donald Trump.

Biden also warned he may enlist their services in the election if it meant keeping Trump out of the White House.

During his speech, Biden pointed back to an open letter signed by 1,000 former cadets to the class of 2020 attacking Trump and calling on them to reject his leadership.

“Remember what over 1,000 graduates of West Point wrote to the class of 2020 four years ago,” Biden stated. “The oath you’ve taken here ‘has no expiration date,’ they said.”

What the open letter said 

This dangerous letter called on the graduating class to subvert the chain of command and essentially stage a military coup against Trump, whom the signers called a tyrant.

“The oath taken by those who choose to serve in America’s military is aspirational,” the letter began.

“We pledge service to no monarch; no government; no political party; no tyrant,” the letter added.

The signatories also claimed Trump waged war on America’s foundational principles.

“Our Constitution establishes freedom of speech, of the press, of assembly, of religion, of equal protection under the law regardless of race, color, or creed — we cannot take for granted these freedoms that are but dreams in too many nations around the world,” the letter continued.

The letter signers also praised the violent group Black Lives Matter who waged a month’s long campaign of terrorist attacks in American cities following the death of George Floyd.

“The abhorrent murder of George Floyd has inspired millions to protest police brutality and the persistence of racism,” the signatories ranted.

The letter also attacked Trump and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) for considering the popular and common sense proposal to invoke the Insurrection Act and use the military to put an end to the bloodshed Black Lives Matter was bringing to the streets of American cities.

“Sadly, the government has threatened to use the Army in which you serve as a weapon against fellow Americans engaging in these legitimate protests,” the letter signers raged.

Not the first time Biden tried to corrupt democracy

Biden telling the graduates of West Point he needed to count on their support wasn’t the first time Biden explicitly sought to weaponize an institution against Trump.

At the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Biden told the media it was their duty to help him win the election by making sure their reporting reflected his campaign’s talking points.

“Move past the horse race numbers and the gotcha moments, and the distractions, the sideshows that have come to dominate and sensationalize our politics and focusing on what’s actually at stake. I think in your hearts, you know what’s at stake,” Biden told the crowd of media members.

“The stakes couldn’t be higher. Every single one of us has rows to play a serious role, to play in making sure democracy endures, American democracy. I have my role, but with all due respect, so do you,” Biden added.

Biden’s down in the polls.

There are no two ways about it.

But Biden’s trying to make up the ground by demanding institutions Americans count on to serve democracy to instead serve his re-election campaign.

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