Joe Biden is in panic mode after getting blindsided by this life altering news

Apr 22, 2024

Nothing’s going to plan for Joe Biden.

2024’s seen him encounter setback after setback.

And Joe Biden is in panic mode after getting blindsided by this life altering news.

Robert F. Kennedy achieves ballot access in Michigan 

Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy achieved an important milestone.

The Natural Law Party nominated Kennedy and running mate Nicole Shanahan as the party’s ticket in the November election guaranteeing Kennedy ballot access in one of the most pivotal swing states on the map.

“He’s the most qualified candidate in the modern-day history of America,” Natural Law Party Chairman Doug Dern declared. “We welcome Mr. Kennedy and Ms. Shanahan to the party.”

“Kennedy is good for Michigan,” Western Michigan regional coordinator for the Kennedy campaign said of Kennedy making the ballot in Michigan. “As an environmental champion for more than 40 years, Kennedy will work to restore our Great Lakes region, which holds 20% of the world’s freshwater. He will ensure a thriving fishing economy and ecosystem for commercial fishermen and individual anglers.”

Biden campaign in panic mode 

Two big x factors in the November election are: will Kennedy appear on the ballot in all 50 states, and which major party candidate will Kennedy draw more votes from.

Kennedy has control over the first variable as he can meet ballot eligibility requirements on his own or accept the nomination from minor parties – like the Natural Law Party – that have ballot access on their own.

But the second is the great unknown that can’t be answered until the votes are counted.

However, there are telltales that the campaigns are giving off that suggest which way they think Kennedy will tip the election.

And the Biden team is the one scrambling to try and minimize defections as the campaign hosted a mass gathering of Kennedy family members to endorse Biden.

“Bobby knows that we stand by him as a family member, while also being able to clearly communicate that his candidacy poses a risk to the country that we love,” Joe Kennedy III declared.

“We can say today, with no less urgency, that our rights and freedoms are once again in peril,” Kerry Kennedy stated. “That is why we all need to come together in a campaign that should unite not only Democrats, but all Americans, including Republicans, and independents, who believe in what Lincoln called the better angels of our nature.”

Polls show the Biden campaign’s worries are well grounded.

New swing state polling from Fox News showed Kennedy as the bigger threat to Joe Biden.

According to the Fox News polls, Trump leads Biden in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia with Kennedy on the ballot.

Including Kennedy as a ballot choice actually grew Trump’s lead in Georgia and turned a tied race in Pennsylvania into a two-point advantage for Trump.

Thanks to the media halo placed around the Presidency of John F. Kennedy, the Kennedy name is still golden in liberal circles.

Kennedy’s selection of Silicon Valley lawyer Shanahan as a running mate is another signal that Democrats put off by the thought of casting a ballot for a senile old man who failed in office can feel comfortable voting their values if they pull the lever for Kennedy.

Trump flipping Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania would be enough to put him back in the White House.

However much the Biden campaign is worrying about Kennedy making the ballot in the battleground states, it probably isn’t enough.

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