Joe Biden hit the roof after these new reports prove one of his biggest issues is just one huge hoax

Oct 23, 2023

The Biden administration has made this issue its number one priority.

But many experts have claimed the economy-destroying agenda was based on politics, not science.

And now Joe Biden has hit the roof after these new reports prove one of his biggest issues is just one huge hoax.

Joe Biden has spent the last two plus years destroying the U.S. economy.

Facts, figures, and science have destroyed the Democrat narrative

And a big part of his economy-wrecking schemes have been in the name of fighting climate change.

Because of Biden’s insistence on forcing American businesses to cater to the radical Left, prices have skyrocketed, the supply chain has been disrupted, and Americans are struggling to make ends meet.

And many small businesses, unable to pay the hefty price tag to meet the Biden administration’s climate change demands, have gone out of business.

But that hasn’t stopped Biden and the Democrats from pushing their socialist climate change agenda.

Now new reports have been released that clearly show the climate change agenda is based on faulty science.

And it’s not just one report.

Three new peer-reviewed studies by astrophysicist Willie Soon, along with dozens of other scientists from around the world, are casting more serious doubts about the Left’s narrative of man-made global warming.

The new papers are also causing more public skepticism about the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which the authors say is ignoring the facts.

Climatologist Judith Curry, who served as chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology, said the new paper raises “an important issue that is swept under the rug by the IPCC and many climate scientists.”

She said the papers have major implications for how 20th-century climate records are being interpreted.

The radical climate change lobby attacks

Not surprisingly, the authors of the papers are being viciously attacked and report that “activist scientists” are threatened by the new findings and are “aggressively conducting an orchestrated disinformation campaign to discredit the papers and the scientific reputation of the authors.”

Several scientists recently spoke with The Epoch Times and said they were shocked and dismayed by the tactics employed by the climate change cultists against them.

But William Happer, Princeton professor emeritus of Physics and former climate adviser to President Donald Trump, said he isn’t surprised by the nasty response they are receiving.

“Of course the climate cult will be dismissive of any information—no matter how scientifically correct—that is politically incorrect,” he told The Epoch Times.

And Mr. Soon, the main author of the latest report, explained the three new papers by CERES scientists are a major threat to powerful vested interests.

“For over three decades, the claims and conclusions by U.N. IPCC reports reigned supreme, unquestioned and unchallenged,” Mr. Soon told The Epoch Times. “Our latest series of three published papers show that those claims are scientifically empty.”

For their part, the Biden administration is simply ignoring the new reports, just like they do all scientific facts that fly in the face of their agenda.

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