Joe Biden hit the roof after IRS abuses got laid out in this new shocking report

Nov 6, 2023

The IRS has become just another weaponized and politicized arm of the Democrat Party.

And Republicans in Congress are now working to cut funding to the corrupt and out-of-control IRS.

That’s why Joe Biden hit the roof after IRS abuses got laid out in this new shocking report.

The House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government has released a 22-page report titled “Fighting the Weaponization of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS): The End of Abusive Unannounced Field Visits.”

I am an IRS agent. I can do anything I want

An IRS agent claiming to be Bill Haus showed up at the door of an Ohio woman and then lied to her about why he was there.

Once inside the unsuspecting woman’s home, the Internal Revenue Service agent began to harass and intimidate her, according to the congressional report released last week.

The woman decided to call a lawyer, who told the IRS agent to immediately leave the home since the taxpayer had not received any prior notice of unpaid taxes.

But instead of leaving, the agent said, “I am an IRS agent. I can be at and go into anyone’s house at any time I want to be.”

But more than that arrogance, it turned out the agent was also using a phony name, according to the report from the House Judiciary Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

Now, after pressure from Congress, the IRS claims they have discontinued its policy of unannounced home visits.

But the Ohio woman’s experience is just one of several examples of IRS abuse included in the House panel’s report.

This never should have happened

“After the taxpayer called the police, the revenue officer even filed a complaint against the police department,” the report says. “The IRS later confirmed that the taxpayer owed nothing and acknowledged the situation ‘never should have gotten this far.’”

These IRS abuses come after the Democrat controlled Congress voted in August 2022 to boost IRS funding by $80 billion.

The funding increase resulted in GOP members of congress demanding more oversight of the federal agency.

And the new report shows just why more oversight and less funding is needed.

“This shocking abuse of power is a startling indication that the IRS believes it may do what it wants, when it wants,” the report says.

The report from the subcommittee also details an IRS visit to the home of journalist Matt Taibbi of the “Twitter Files” fame.

And amazingly, that visit occurred on the very same day he testified to Congress about government censorship of social media.

The IRS initiated a case against Taibbi on Christmas Eve, three weeks after the reporter published the first installment of the “Twitter Files.”

“In the four-and-one-half years between when the IRS alleges it last tried to contact Mr. Taibbi and the day it conducted an unannounced field visit, neither he nor his accountant ever received notice from the IRS about an issue with his tax return,” the report says.

“The IRS conducted its field visit even though Mr. Taibbi did not owe the IRS anything; rather, the IRS owed Mr. Taibbi a substantial refund,” the report continues. “The unannounced field visit alarmed Mr. Taibbi, who viewed it as an attempt to chill his reporting about government abuses.”

IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel issued a public statement in July about the policy change regarding home visits.

“We are taking a fresh look at how the IRS operates to better serve taxpayers and the nation, and making this change is a common-sense step,” Werfel said in the statement. “Changing this long-standing procedure will increase confidence in our tax administration work and improve overall safety for taxpayers and IRS employees.”

“These visits created extra anxiety for taxpayers already wary of potential scam artists,” he said. “At the same time, the uncertainty around what IRS employees faced when visiting these homes created stress for them as well. This is the right thing to do and the right time to end it,” Werfel added.

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