Jim Jordan just made one legal threat that shows he means business

Jan 26, 2024

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan reached the end of his rope.

Joe Biden’s lawlessness is too much to bear.

And Jim Jordan just made one legal threat that shows he means business.

Chairman Jordan asked Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra for information about how the agency processes illegal alien children – “unaccompanied minors” – who are found to be gang members, as well as the vetting procedures for the adults whom the administration is releasing illegal alien children into the custody of.

Jordan’s letter to Secretary Becerra expressed frustration over the fact that administration officials wouldn’t come clean about if it referred illegal alien children  who were gang members to the Department of Justice or if HHS properly vetted the adults taking custody of illegal alien children – the vast majority of whom aren’t their biological parents – to weed out sex offenders.

“For more than six months, the Committee has asked for Secretary Becerra’s cooperation with a series of requests arising from the Committee’s transcribed interview of ORR Director Robin Dunn Marcos. During the interview, Ms. Dunn Marcos was unable to answer many of the Committee’s questions, such as whether ORR has a policy to refer known gang members to the Department of Justice. Ms. Dunn Marcos also did not have the data the Committee requested, including, for example, the total number of UACs that ORR has placed in the custody of a known sex offender or the total number of sponsor applications rejected based on the potential sponsor being a convicted murderer. Instead, the HHS attorneys at the interview represented that the Department would provide the Committee with the requested information at a later date. In the months since the June 8 interview, the Committee has repeatedly inquired about the status of this requested information,” Jordan wrote.

When Americans think of the border being in chaos, the images and videos of columns of single, military-age men marching into the country come to mind.

But the lawlessness extends to illegal alien children as well.

Gangs are sending some of their youngest members across the border, knowing full well the Biden administration just wants to traffic as many illegal aliens as possible into the country and won’t vet children closely at all.

And when children get shipped into the United States, the administration is likely falling short in making sure they aren’t being sent to sex criminals and predators.

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