Jill Biden went on The View and launched this insane attack on Donald Trump

Jun 3, 2024

Reports are that First Lady Jill Biden’s insistence that Joe Biden run for re-election is the only reason Biden is still in the 2024 race.

Biden’s stubbornness could cost Democrats everything, as polls show Biden losing in November.

And Jill Biden went on The View and launched this insane attack on Donald Trump.

Jill Biden’s desperate plea

Joe Biden continues to lag Donald Trump in the polls because voters view him as senile and physically decrepit.

The fact that Biden depends on his surrogates to make the case for him in media interviews instead of sitting for questions himself feeds into that image of a senile Joe Biden.

Jill Biden’s appearance on The View did her husband no favors on that front.

Polls continue to show that the American people view Donald Trump as a more successful President.

Inflation was 1.4 percent when Trump left office.

Prices are up over 19 percent since Joe Biden entered the White House.

Jill Biden denied reality on that front and told the ladies of The View that life in America is better under Joe Biden than it was under Donald Trump.

The First Lady’s argument boiled down to accusing the American people of being too stupid to realize how good they have it under Joe Biden.

“We are in a better place now, and what you’re saying is true, and we have to get that message out. Every vote counts. This election is important, and so we are going everywhere. We’re meeting people where they are. We’re meeting them in person. We’re meeting them over the TV. We’re meeting them in social media. we’re not taking anything for granted, because Joe has done amazing things for this country, and we have to get the message out,” Biden ranted.

The media and Democrats have trotted out variations of this argument, claiming the American people don’t understand the economy is booming under Biden because of the stock market or the unemployment rate.

But what the American people understand is that the price of buying a home is now out of reach because of high interest rates.

And they know the price of eggs, milk, and meat was a lot lower under Donald Trump.

Jill Biden wades into the age debate 

An ABC/Ipsos poll found 86 percent of Americans think Biden is too old to be President.

Biden falls asleep on people and couldn’t remember what years he was Vice President or when his son Beau tragically passed away.

 Jill Biden claimed the age issue in this campaign was irrelevant because Donald Trump was four years younger than Joe Biden.

The First Lady also engaged in one of the most extreme cases of gaslighting in recent American history by describing Joe Biden as “energetic.”

“This election is not about age because like, I mean Donald Trump’s going to be, what, 78. and Joe is 81. They’re basically the same age. It’s about character. This election is about character. So you have two choices. You have my husband, Joe, who you all know who has integrity, he’s strong, he’s steady, he’s a leader, he’s smart, he’s energetic or you have chaos,” Jill Biden added.

Jill Biden denies the polls

Democrats have rested their entire election argument in poll denialism.

Democrats claimed the polls would flip like a switch once voters realized Joe Biden and Donald Trump would actually be the two candidates for President.

Donald Trump wrapped up the GOP nomination in early March, and three months later, the polls show the race static, with Trump leading Biden in every key swing state.

Jill Biden kept up Democrats’ magical thinking by clinging to the idea that the polls were wrong and would turn in Joe Biden’s favor because Donald Trump was “evil.”

“Those polls are going to turn. I’m confident of it because as time goes on and as people start to focus a little bit more about what’s at stake and start to become educated on the issues and the differences between the two men, I believe Americans are going to choose good over evil,” Biden concluded.

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