Jill Biden is seething after a key Democrat revealed the terrible way Joe Biden plans to take 2024

Nov 3, 2023

Joe Biden and his handlers certainly didn’t want this truth out in the open.

But now the American people know the facts.

And Jill Biden is seething after a key Democrat revealed the terrible way Joe Biden plans to take 2024.

Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips just beat the buzzer and filed to run in the New Hampshire Democrat Presidential Primary hours before the deadline.

Phillips spent the better part of a year warning anyone who would listen that Joe Biden’s too old to run for re-election and that his lousy poll numbers would sink him in a rematch with Donald Trump.

When no other Democrat stepped up to the plate – Phillips reportedly tried to recruit Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker to run against Biden – Phillips took the plunge himself.

In an interview with CNN’s Michael Smerconish, Phillips explained the difficulty in challenging Biden as the Democrat National Committee “rigged” the primary, in Biden’s favor.

“Well, the good news, Michael, is thank goodness, we still live in a country voters make the decision. If they want, this is a choice,” he said. “Now, I’ve got the Democratic National Committee competing against me, an extraordinarily large machine. Of course, it’s rigged against any challenger candidate under any circumstance,” Phillips stated.

The Democrat National Committee won’t schedule any Primary debates depriving Phillips of a televised event where millions of viewers could see him face off against Biden and decide on the merits of Phillips’ challenge that Biden’s age is an insurmountable obstacle to his re-election bid.

Phillips knows that Biden is still by-and-large popular with the average Democrat, so Phillips tried to couch his candidacy not as an indictment of Biden the President but as a chance for Democrats to look forward.

“I’m not running against President Biden. I admire him. I’m running for the future,” Phillips added. But Phillips did point out that Biden owns “some of the lowest approval ratings in American presidential history.”

Phillips also cited polling data showing Trump leading Biden by nine points as well as surveys showing a majority of Democrats want an option other than Joe Biden in 2024 as evidence his message could gain traction in the Primary.

“Last week’s ABC News poll has President Biden down 9 points nationally. The Bloomberg poll has him losing in five of these six key battleground states. You just referenced the lowest — some of the lowest approval ratings in American presidential history,” Phillips continued.

“I don’t know how more loudly American voters can speak. Over 50 percent of Democratic voters simply want an alternative. I’m raising my hand. I’m entering this ring because I think Americans deserve that very alternative,” Phillips concluded.

Joe Biden isn’t appearing on the New Hampshire ballot in protest of New Hampshire following state law and holding their first in the nation Primary, despite the Democrat National Committee scheduling South Carolinians to go first.

Biden’s allies are now scrambling to organize a write-in campaign to prevent the embarrassment of the sitting president actually losing a primary to his challenger.

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