Jen Psaki thinks Joe Biden sprung this sinister trap on Donald Trump

May 21, 2024

Joe Biden needs a game-changer moment.

Close allies think he stumbled upon one.

And Jen Psaki thinks Joe Biden sprung this sinister trap on Donald Trump.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump agree to two debates 

Joe Biden hit the break glass in case of emergency option by dropping his opposition to debating Donald Trump.

A raft of polling at the state and national level showing Trump ahead convinced Biden’s handlers that unless something drastic changed, Trump was on course for a stunning victory.

But the Biden debate challenge didn’t come without a series of conditions.

Biden only wanted liberal networks to televise the debates and Trump-hating activists to serve as moderators.

That led to Trump agreeing to a CNN debate on June 27 and an ABC debate on September 10.

Biden also wanted the debates to take place in an empty TV studio with no audience.

Joe Biden’s handlers know Trump feeds off the energy of a crowd and that Trump supporters flooded a CNN town hall in New Hampshire last year.

Trump also accepted this precondition.

Jen Psaki predicts debates won’t happen

Jen Psaki is one of the liberals in the press – like Joy Behar of The View – who still thinks the debates won’t happen.

“I’m still a skeptic, a little bit,” Psaki said on the left-wing Pod Save America podcast.

Psaki claimed agreeing to debates was an “interesting play.” 

Joe Biden faced a torrent of criticism – even from liberals like election analyst Nate Silver – for skipping the traditional Super Bowl pregame interview.

Even though the interview is a softball affair – especially for a Democrat – Biden’s handlers didn’t trust allowing him to answer unscripted questions.

Similarly, Biden’s handlers thought they could get away with blowing off the debates.

Throughout 2023, Biden and his allies floated the idea of using Democrats’ claims that Trump was an insurrectionist as their excuse for refusing to debate Trump at all.

Three debates meant three chances for Biden to think he was running for Senate, forget key details, or look decrepit and not up to the job as President.

Any visual evidence of Biden’s physical or mental decline would likely prove fatal to Biden’s re-election chances.

But Biden’s handlers never expected to trail Donald Trump in the polls.

The Biden team always bet on the fact this election would be a referendum on Trump. 

All Biden had to do in every sentence was include a noun, a verb, and January 6, and he would cruise to victory.

Reality intruded.

Every election is a referendum on the incumbent party.

And the American people think Joe Biden is a failure.

Biden’s low poll numbers directly led to the debate gambit. 

But will the debates take place?

Psaki explained her belief that the Biden team proposed tie debates to head off an onslaught of attacks that Biden won’t debate because he has dementia.

“I think internally they knew that at some point this was going to hit a head. They were either going to be ahead of it, or they’d be responding to Trump,” Psaki stated.

However, Psaki thinks Biden’s proposed set of rules have so rigged the debates in his favor that they will force Trump to cancel the debates and make Trump look like the coward and not Biden.

“Trump could certainly say, ‘I never agreed to those specifics in the letter,’ and he probably will, and that’s how this all falls apart even though he’s basically said, ‘I would debate him anytime,’” Psaki concluded.

Joe Biden clearly wants no debates.

Biden proposed two debates in June and September.

The low number of debates and their distance from the general election means Biden’s handlers know these events present a huge risk, and they want to make sure there is enough time left on the political calendar to recover from a disaster.

The proposed rules – as Psaki clearly hinted at – also show that the Biden team is looking for a way out of the debates that also allows them to blame Donald Trump for any debates not taking place.

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