Jen Psaki got hit with one legal demand that has her in big trouble

Jun 10, 2024

Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki is facing a major choice.

Psaki never wanted to be in this position.

And Jen Psaki got hit with one legal demand that has her in big trouble.

Psaki threatened with subpoena 

Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee are investigating Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden bungled the plan that Donald Trump left in place, leading to the greatest U.S. foreign policy embarrassment in the nation’s history.

Thousands of American citizens found themselves stranded behind enemy lines.

13 U.S. troops died after Biden ordered a poorly planned deployment to the Kabul Airport to guard a rescue mission that ended in a terrorist attack.

Republicans want answers about how Biden lied to the nation about the ability of the Afghanistan army to hold up and defend the country from a Taliban takeover.

Due to her position as press secretary, Psaki was privy to meetings and conversations that could help flesh out the communications strategy the White House used to try and gaslight the public about the withdrawal.

But Psaki refused an invitation for a transcribed deposition before the committee.

That led to House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Mike McCaul (R-TX) sending a letter to Psaki’s attorney, Emily Loeb, listing three dates for Psaki to come in and testify.

They were: June 26, 2024; July 9, 2024; and July 23, 2024.

McCaul informed Loeb that a subpoena would be forthcoming if Psaki didn’t comply with this request.

The letter

McCaul – who is one of the biggest pro-amnesty warmonger RINOs in Congress – told Loeb that Psaki blew off his deadline for a response about testifying.

“Your client Jen Psaki has failed to adequately respond to my letter dated May 21, 2024, requesting that she appear before the Committee for a transcribed interview relating to my investigation into the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. As you know, I requested a response from Ms. Psaki by May 28, 2024, which has now passed. Your client’s disregard for my request is an affront to this Committee and the U.S. House of Representatives,” McCaul wrote.

McCaul told Loeb that previous claims about concerns the White House Counsel would assert executive privilege regarding Psaki’s testimony didn’t stand up.

That’s because Psaki wrote about the Afghanistan withdrawal for her memoir.

McCaul explained that if Psaki was willing to share her experiences regarding Afghanistan with the public for profit, then she should be willing to testify to Congress under oath as part of the legislative branch’s Article I authority under the Constitution.

“I have reviewed the email that was addressed to my staff on May 28, 2024. I am troubled by your and Ms. Psaki’s stated ‘deference’ to outdated ‘concerns’ from the White House Counsel’s Office. Further, Ms. Psaki is a private citizen, who has published her insight into the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan for public consumption and personal profit. Ms. Psaki’s duty to appear before Congress is manifest, and her former employer’s desire to avoid congressional oversight is not relevant,” McCaul added.

The Afghanistan withdrawal was where Joe Biden’s polling slide began.

Biden’s numbers never recovered.

Psaki knows if she testifies about what she knows, it will help fill out the narrative of failure in the report that Republicans will release ahead of the upcoming election.

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