Hunter Biden sat in court and heard this woman bury him on the witness stand

Jun 10, 2024

Hunter Biden’s trial on firearms charges is underway.

It’s a shocking situation.

And Hunter Biden sat in court and heard this woman bury him on the witness stand.

Ex-girlfriend testifies about Hunter Biden’s drug use

Hunter Biden is facing charges that he lied about his drug use on a background check form when purchasing a handgun in 2018.

Prosecutors are trying to establish that Hunter Biden was addicted to drugs at the time he purchased the gun, specifically the day he filled out the background check form, where he checked the box to say that he wasn’t addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Ex-girlfriend Zoe Kestan took the witness stand.

Kestan said she met Hunter Biden at a gentlemen’s club where he purchased private dances and testified that she thought she saw him smoking from a crack pipe.

“It was late at night,” Kestan testified about meeting Biden where she saw him smoking.

“I assumed it to be crack cocaine,” Kestan added.

Prosecutors then displayed a picture of the two together and asked her about an object sitting on a countertop in the photo.

“It’s a used crack pipe.” 

CNN’s court reporter wrote that “she also said she witnessed Biden clean out a crack pipe, using ‘chopsticks and disassembled pens.’” 

Kestan testified that Hunter Biden gave his ATM code so she could withdraw money to pay for drugs.

“Biden also asked her to get cash for him to buy drugs, she testified, using his mobile banking app to give her a code to use at the ATM,” CNN reported.

Hunter Biden told her this was something he regularly did with his drug dealers to purchase narcotics.

“Kestan said that he told her that he also used this maneuver with dealers, so they could directly withdraw cash from his bank account,” CNN also reported.

Kestan also testified that Hunter Biden told her about wanting to get sober following a 10-day stay in a New York City hotel.

“He was very stressed out, and he was talking about attempting and trying to get sober,” Kestan testified.

Hunter Biden in a tough spot

Over on CNN, former Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Tom Dupree told viewers that it will be nearly impossible for Hunter Biden to get off.

Speaking of Hunter Biden’s defense, Dupree said, “What they are going to argue is that even if he was abusing drugs at the time, he thought genuinely, in their view, that maybe he wasn’t addicted to drugs, maybe he wasn’t abusing them. And so therefore, he can’t be held criminally accountable for checking the box ‘no on the federal form.”

But Dupree believes this will be a tough pill for the jury to swallow.

“I think it‘s a tough argument for the jury. I don’t know if the defense has a whole lot of other options available to it,” Dupree stated.

 “This may be the best they can do, but I think it’s going to be tough persuading the jury that well, when he checked a box, he didn’t really realize that he was abusing drugs at the time,” Dupree concluded.

But this is a jury in Delaware where the Bidens remain popular, and Joe and Jill Biden have made clear they are keeping watch.

A not guilty verdict out of support for Joe Biden personally isn’t out of the question.

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