Hollywood woke extremists are readying their pitchforks after Arnold Schwarzenegger made this one statement about Democrats

Oct 16, 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger has remained in good standing in the entertainment industry by bashing Donald Trump.

That’s the easiest way in the current climate for a self-proclaimed “Republican” to thrive in Tinseltown, even if they’re about as close to being an actual “Republican” as Gavin Newsom.

But Hollywood woke extremists are readying their pitchforks after Arnold Schwarzenegger made this one statement about Democrats.

Hollywood actor Rob Lowe certainly leans heavily to the Left but, like many Democrat celebrities, prefers to publicly pretend he’s an Independent “centrist.”

That’s how he’s able to keep friendships with both Democrat and Republicans, including Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

On a recent episode of his podcast, Lowe interviewed former Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who served as California’s “Republican” Governor despite being a well established leftist.

During the podcast, Schwarzenegger surprisingly blasted Democrats for their pro-crime policies that have been ruining major cities, like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

“Okay, let me ask you this, and I ask people this all the time,” Lowe began. “[Former GOP Congressman] David Dreier, good friend of ours and a good man. Surfer for many, many, many years. He used to have the greatest, ‘what makes me a Republican,’ and he had I think four or five things. I think it was, in no particular order, strong military, low taxes, less government, more personal freedoms. There might have been one more…”

Schwarzenegger jumped in and answered, “Strong law enforcement.”

“Strong law enforcement,” Lowe reiterated. “And then I’d like to know, I always ask Democrats what it means to be a Democrat in that way. And I think whatever anybody would say—”

“Ruin your cities,” Schwarzenegger interrupted.

“What would they say?” Lowe asked.

“Ruin your cities,” Schwarzenegger repeated. “That’s what the Democrats would say. ‘We are about ruining the cities. We want to f*ck up every city in America.’ That seems to be the theme right now.”

“Why is that?” Lowe asked.

“I have no idea,” Schwarzenegger said.

The reason why is because Democrats have adopted a flawed, woke extremist view of human nature and politics.

They believe that criminals are victims of an oppressive capitalist system, therefore they must be kept out of prison and given umpteen chances at rehabilitation despite serial offenses.

Democrats’ worldview revolves around materialism: all problems can be resolved by taking from the haves and giving to the have-nots because those resources must have been ill-gotten.

They make no room for individual behavior and incentive structures.

High taxes and pro-crime policies implemented in the name of compassion end up driving away businesses and productive citizens and allowing repeat criminals to operate with impunity.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comments were a bit of a surprise considering his recent attacks on Donald Trump and Republicans.

But even closeted leftists can see the damage Democrats are doing.

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