Hillary Clinton repeated one terrible mistake that could come back to haunt Democrats

Apr 19, 2024

Hillary Clinton is now one of the Democrat Party’s most capable communicators.

Clinton showed once again why she came up short in two Presidential campaigns, despite the media building her up as unbeatable both times.

And Hillary Clinton repeated one terrible mistake that could come back to haunt Democrats.

Clinton makes radical pro-abortion appeal 

Democrats want a ballot referendum codifying abortion-on-demand up until birth in Arizona to be the dominant issue in the fall campaign.

Republicans are refusing to go on offense, opening the door for a coordinated Democrat Party and media smear campaign about an Arizona State Supreme Court decision allowing a Pro-Life law to go into effect that prevents all abortions except for the case of the life of the mother.

Hillary Clinton was only all too happy to jump into the debate.

Clinton joined former American Idol season one winner Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show where Clarkson asked Clinton her opinion on the Arizona Supreme Court ruling.

The former two-time failed Presidential candidate wasted no time launching into a tirade about the Dobbs decision that ended the court-mandated abortion-on-demand regime in all 50 states.

“It is horrifying in every way. You know, I feared it would happen, but I hoped it wouldn’t happen and now here we are in the middle of this very difficult period for women in about half the states of our country,” Clinton ranted.

Clinton then described laws that protect the lives of innocent unborn babies as ‘cruel.’

“There’s another element to it which I find so troubling. I mean, there’s a kind of cruelty to it. No exceptions for rape, incest, I mean, really? There’s a cruelty toward women [and] toward women’s lives,” Clinton continued.

Clinton was on the show to promote a Broadway musical she helped produce about the fight to allow women to vote in elections called Suffs, and she tied that into a call for Democrats to turn out at the polls this November.

“Voting is your superpower and it may not seem like it, but it really is, and that’s what we’re trying to say in this musical I’m helping to produce,” Clinton concluded.

Democrats paid the price for following Hillary Clinton’s pro-abortion extremism 

But Hillary Clinton’s insistence that Democrats adopt the most radial pro-abortion stance possible is a proven political loser.

In the final 2016 Presidential debate, Donald Trump called attention to the fact that Hillary Clinton was perfectly fine with aborting a baby on the day of its birth.

 “With what Hillary is saying, in the ninth month, you can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother just prior to the birth of the baby. Now, you can say that that’s okay, and Hillary can say that that’s okay, but that’s not okay with me,” Trump stated.

That answer helped push Trump over the top because voters who made picking Supreme Court Justices their number one issue broke 57 to 41 for Trump.

And in an election where Trump won by 40,000 votes across three states, Americans’ discomfort with permitting a pro-abortion fanatic like Clinton to pick what turned out to be three Supreme Court Justices proved to be decisive.

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