Governor Kim Reynolds finally broke her silence on 2024, and it may change everything

Nov 14, 2023

Since the start of the 2024 election cycle, Iowa Republican Governor Kim Reynolds has refused to weigh-in on the candidates ahead of the first-in-the-nation Iowa Caucuses.

But Reynolds has now finally broken her silence on the 2024 Republican Presidential Primary.

And her endorsement may change everything.

Trump forced her hand, and she acted

When it comes to the Iowa Caucuses, tradition runs deep – they have been using the caucus system to elect candidates to various political offices since the 1800’s, after all.

One such tradition involves the state’s Governor remaining neutral and not endorsing any candidate in Presidential elections until after the caucuses take place, allowing the people of Iowa to make their own decisions without being swayed by someone who has already garnered enough popularity to win a statewide election.

Iowa Republican Governor Kim Reynolds has said throughout the early stages of the 2024 election cycle that she would honor that tradition.

“I want to welcome everyone to this state,” Reynolds told The Des Moines Register in February. “And if I weigh in, I don’t know if they’ll feel all that welcome. But, you know, I’ve made it clear, I will be happy to help introduce you, help travel the state, connect in any way that I can — especially to make sure that if we’ve got big things going on that they know about it.”

Of course, while most understood her desire for neutrality, former President Donald Trump was none too pleased and proceeded to begin his typical verbal attacks against her.

“I opened up the Governor position for Kim Reynolds, & when she fell behind, I ENDORSED her, did big Rallies, & she won,” Trump fumed on Truth Social. “Now, she wants to remain ‘NEUTRAL.’ I don’t invite her to events!”

Reynolds was, of course, endorsed by most every major Republican as well, including Trump’s fellow Republican Presidential Presidential candidates like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), who also appeared with her at big events, helped raise money, etc..

So based on Trump’s attacks against her, and the support of other such Presidential candidates, it should come as no surprise that Governor Reynolds chose to end her neutrality to endorse someone other than the former President.

“Make the right choice”

At a recent rally in Des Moines, Reynolds formally endorsed Governor DeSantis in the 2024 Republican Presidential Primary, providing the Florida Governor with a boost as Iowa voters turn their attention to the Caucuses in earnest.

In imploring Republicans nationwide to “make the right choice,” Governor Reynolds laid out the dismal state of the nation under President Biden and Democrats’ failed “leadership.”

“Crime is out of control,” Reynolds said. “Terrorists are coming across the border. Over six million illegal immigrants have invaded our homeland. Fentanyl is flooding our streets and killing our children. Government spending is out of control. Inflation is crushing families. And here’s this, here’s the most amazing thing: the Democrats are bold enough to tell you that Bidenomics is actually working.”

And in making the argument that DeSantis is that “right choice,” Reynolds also took a subtle jab at Trump, saying America needs someone who “puts this country first and not himself.”

“Not only do we need to make sure that we elect someone who can win and beat Joe Biden, we need a President who has the skill and the result to reverse the madness that we see every single day,” she added. “We need someone who will fight for you and win for you. We need someone who won’t get distracted but will stay disciplined, who puts this country first and not himself.”

“That leader is Ron DeSantis,” the Governor concluded.

Reynolds pointed to the madness that swept the country throughout the COVID pandemic and DeSantis’ refusal to bend the knee to the ruling class elites and their unelected so-called “public health experts,” keeping Florida’s economy open so Floridians wouldn’t lose their jobs and protecting individual liberty above all else, as proof of the Florida Governor’s unmatched leadership.

“[Pressure] came from every corner, even from the White House,” Reynolds asserted, before taking another subtle shot at Trump for being the President who initially gave Dr. Anthony Fauci near total control during the pandemic. “You know, most leaders, they buckled under that pressure. They listened to Fauci instead of the real science, but there was one man running for President who did not. Ron DeSantis.”

The race is far from over

The Iowa Governor went on to call Governor DeSantis “one of the “most effective leaders that I have ever seen,” and someone who “gets things done.”

“And it is why I am so proud to stand here tonight and give him my full support and endorsement,” Reynolds concluded.

There was speculation at one point in recent months that Governor Reynolds could potentially be Trump’s Vice Presidential running mate.

But needless to say, that speculation can certainly be put to rest now.

Nevertheless, Kim Reynolds’ endorsement of Governor DeSantis will provide him with a boost as he looks to utilize the unique nature of the Iowa Caucuses as a potential launching point to mount a true challenge for the Republican nomination.

With questions lingering over whether Democrats’ witch hunt indictments against Donald Trump could keep him off some states’ ballots or even land him in prison before Election Day, literally anything could happen between now and the January 15 Iowa Caucuses.

And Ron DeSantis is certainly best positioned to step into the void should the need arise.

24/7 Politics will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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