Firefighters booed Letitia James, and you won’t believe what happened next

Mar 13, 2024

New York Attorney General Letitia James wants her revenge.

This time Donald Trump’s supporters are the target.

And you won’t believe what happened next to these Letitia James-booing firefighters.

NYFD union leadership supports Letitia James

A room full of New York City firefighters made their displeasure known with James when she got up to speak at a promotion ceremony.

The crowd showered her with boos over James weaponizing the justice system to try and bankrupt Trump and seize all his properties through a bogus lawsuit.

Polls show Trump leading Joe Biden in spite of the Democrat Party waging lawfare against him.

And when James tried to shush the crowd, it only served to rile them up further as the firefighters in attendance responded with “Trump!” chants.

Union leadership responds with threats to send Trump supporters to re-education camps

Union bosses are the kingpins who run the Democrat Party.

Even if rank-and-file workers support Republicans, the leadership still steers union dues – which many workers are forced to pay at the threat of their jobs – into the coffers of Democrat Party politicians like James.

The firefighters union endorsed James in her 2013 run for New York City Public Advocate, the stepping stone she used to become Attorney General.

And the union bosses are still out to protect James.

NYFD Union bosses vow to end pro-Trump firefighters to re-education programs

Union leadership scolded the firefighters who exercised their First Amendment right to protest the abusive and tyrannical James.

“Today’s ceremony was about one thing: the accomplishments of the members being promoted. The members whose behavior distracted from that celebration were an embarrassment and not befitting of the world’s best fire department,” FDNY Superintendent John Hodgens wrote in a statement.

But unlike Congressional Republicans, the union leadership didn’t stop at harshly worded letters.

A memo from the Uniformed Fire Officers Association (UFOA) circulated, vowing that officials would review video footage to identify the firefighters that booed James.

The memo warned that the guilty parties would be best served to come forward on their own as they would be ‘hunted down’ and that they would be sent to headquarters for re-education programs on why they must always show obedience to Democrat politicians in public.

This memo was straight out of Soviet Russia, with threats of political retribution and re-education camps for opponents of the regime.

NYC is run by communists. This is bullshit,” political commentator Catturd wrote on X.

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