Fessin’ up: Morgan Wallen snub led Grammy CEO to issue a bonkers confession about the “canceled” country music artist

Nov 17, 2023

Woke extremists have seized control of virtually every position of power and influence throughout government and corporate America.

They’re attempting to use that power and influence to further force their ideology into the culture in order to ensure they can retain and increase their power in coming elections.

Now the Grammy Awards’ CEO is fessin’ up with a bonkers statement over snubbing record-breaking “canceled” country music artist Morgan Wallen.

Sheer domination

Over the past couple of years, no one has dominated the world of country music quite like Morgan Wallen.

In fact, to compare Wallen’s level of success with that of the next most popular country music artist over the same time period, Luke Combs, who he was opening for in 2019, would be like comparing Apple with Microsoft – both are incredibly successful, made boatloads of money, and have loyal fan bases, but only one is the most valuable company on planet Earth and will go down as a cultural icon.

You see, while Wallen and Combs have both dominated the country music charts in recent years, the former has also dominated the Billboard all-genre charts in a way few, if any, country music artists have ever even come close to replicating.

In 2021, just one month after releasing his second album, “Dangerous”, Wallen became the first country music artist in the 64-year history of the Billboard 200 all-genre chart to have an album sit atop the chart for the first seven weeks after its release, and became the first artist of any genre to have an album sit atop the chart for 10 weeks total since Whitney Houston’s “Whitney” accomplished the same feat in 1987.

He followed that up by dropping his third album, “One Thing At A Time”, earlier this year, and proceeded to once again rewrite the history books, topping the Billboard 200 for 12 concurrent weeks, and placing each of the album’s 36 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 all-genre chart within the first two months of the album’s release.

Previously, rapper Drake held the record for most songs charted on the Billboard Hot 100 at one time with 27, but Wallen’s 36 obviously completely shattered the record, relegating possibly the biggest powerhouse in music today, Taylor Swift, to third with 26.

And just to put his success into as crystal clear a perspective as possible, Billboard notes that he is already the 14th highest grossing country music artist of all-time, ranking one spot ahead of country music sensation Carrie Underwood, who has headlined roughly five times more shows than Wallen thus far only to pull in roughly $5 million less in gross earnings for her nearly two-decade career than Wallen, who only began headlining tours last year.

Put simply, Morgan Wallen is country music’s Tom Brady and Michael Jordan – and everyone else is just playing for second place at this point.

The gatekeepers hate country music

But of course, all of this success has come in spite of – or possibly because of – the woke left-wing outrage mob’s efforts to “cancel” the beloved artist.

Since a cell phone video of a heavily intoxicated Wallen calling a close friend a racial slur as a term of endearment was leaked by the media, the woke left-wing outrage mob has attempted to end the artist’s career, albeit without any success whatsoever.

Now, despite his sheer dominance not only of country music but also pop music in general, Wallen has been snubbed by the Grammys, which failed to nominate the artist for a single award.

As a matter of fact, throughout his dominance of country music throughout the past few years, Wallen has never been nominated for a Grammy, and only his smash hit Last Night received any kind of recognition in the best country song category; of course, even if the song wins the award, it would go to the songwriters, while Wallen is ignored entirely.

And to make matters worse, the Recording Academy, which exclusively controls the Grammys, is looking to simply cover it all up with a bunch of total hot air.

In an interview with Variety, Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. declared such snubs “disappoint” him while claiming that Wallen was snubbed simply because music is “subjective” and not the result of woke activists exclusively controlling the nominations.

“Well, I always believe that we’ve got to be fair and we have to be honest — I think that goes without saying,” Mason claimed. “But music is subjective, and when you’re evaluating it, a lot goes into that. Our voters, I believe, take the task very seriously. I think they generally do a really good job, doing the work of listening and making decisions based on the music, but it is subjective. And when it comes to snubs, it absolutely disappoints me — I’m affected by it, for sure, because I’m a creator and a musician.”

“And I know what it feels like to put all your heart and your soul into a project that you really believe that you believe is the best work,” he added. “So it disappoints me, I always want to make sure we’re being representative and we’re being accurate. But it’s very subjective.”

Of course, while Mason claims to be ‘disappointed’ by Wallen’s snub, it’s interesting to note that he never once actually mentioned the artist by name, or even alluded to him, throughout his clearly pre-meditated response.

Wiping out traditional values

Besides, Mason’s justification for Wallen’s snub is nothing more than a watered-down, more politically correct version of the explanation one Recording Academy member gave to Variety nearly a month ago, as they were clearly laying the groundwork to justify the snub.

At that time, the member laughably claimed Wallen’s then-forthcoming snub would have nothing to do with his “cancelation,” but also fully admitted that at the end of the day, the elites who control the nominations, and most everything else these days, simply don’t like country music – or quite frankly, the people who like country music, either.

“I’m not sure people are still holding that against him so much as people on the coasts, including our membership, just not really resonating with the record as much as middle America did,” the member told Variety.

And therein lies the truth: the woke extremists who control much of popular culture these days simply want to exterminate anything and everything that could possibly keep working-class Americans connected to their traditional values and culture.

They despise country music because they know that it is the lone aspect of popular culture that still speaks to the lived experiences of working-class Americans, and can influence the way tens of millions feel about all sorts of topics.

And so long as it represents a threat to their stranglehold on complete control over the American people, they will continue to do whatever it takes to wipe country music from pop culture.

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