Fani Willis learned a devastating truth that will leave her in ruins

May 9, 2024

Fani Willis is finding herself trapped in a bottomless pit of scandal.

But Willis can only look in the mirror if she’s looking anywhere to point a finger of blame.

And now Fani Willis learned a devastating truth that will leave her in ruins.

Willis investigation yields bombshell revelations

The Georgia State Senate is probing Fani Willis for misuse of taxpayer funds.

This probe began after the shocking discovery that Willis paid her lover Nathan Wade – who’d never tried a felony case before in his career – $654,000 over a two year period to serve as the special prosecutor in the Trump witch hunt.

Willis paid Wade a rate higher than any other attorney working the case.

Other bizarre discoveries included the fact that, on at least one day, Wade billed Fulton County for 24 hours of work.

The investigation continued to turn up disturbing findings when Georgia Senate Majority Leader Bill Cowsert (R) grilled Fulton County Board of Commissioners Chairman Rob Pitts.

Cowsert honed in on Willis’ office billing taxpayers for hiring Critical Mention, a New York-based Public Relations services company that specializes in monitoring media coverage.

Willis contracted with Critical Mention in early 2021, just before announcing her witch hunt against Donald Trump.

Fulton County Commissioner says he likely wouldn’t have approved hiring a media firm 

“Mr. Chairman, is that something that the board of commissioners would ordinarily approve, or budget for, for various departments?” Cowsert wondered.

Pitts explained that Willis was able to hide the request inside her budget request as she wasn’t required to line item every expenditure due to her status as an elected prosecutor.

“That’s not something that we would, as a matter of course, routinely, be aware of and I can’t recall ever of a request like that coming before the board, but if it’s in a department’s budget, particularly a constitutional officer’s budget and he or she feels that that’s what they need, then if they have the funds under this umbrella of constitutional officer, they can do it,” Pitts stated.

The Fulton County Board of Commissioners is supposed to approve all funds for county district attorneys, and Cowsert wondered if Pitts believed spending taxpayer money on a PR firm was a proper outlay.

“But you’re the one who has to approve those funds, ’cause I can assure you that’s not in our state budget. We don’t give PR money to DA’s offices,” Cowsert stated.

“Would you approve that type of funding if she had specifically requested it?” Cowsert followed up.

Pitts said the board would have rejected such a request had Willis actually put it in front of them.

“I can’t speak for the entire board but knowing the board as I do, probably not. For the purpose that you’ve outlined, probably not,” Pitts responded.

Why Willis hired Critical Mention

The Daily Caller previously reported that emails from a Willis staffer showed Critical Mention reporting that Willis’ announcement of the Trump probe was worth the equivalent of $67 million worth of TV advertising.

“I ran a report for mentions of ‘Fulton County District Attorney’ worldwide for the last seven days. Critical Mention (the PR monitoring platform I told you guys about that we contract for last week) gives a ‘publicity value’ to the coverage, which is meant to reflect what it would cost to buy paid advertising equivalent to the penetration of the media coverage,” the email from a Willis staffer read. “While it can be a bit exaggerated, it says in the last week we’ve gotten media coverage equivalent to $67 million in advertising. Even half of that value would be staggering.”

Critics contend Willis putting Critical Mention on the taxpayer dimer confirms the suspicion that Willis launched the Trump investigation for political reasons.

But Willis wasn’t just looking out for Joe Biden’s re-election chances.

Willis’ critics say hiring a media PR firm showed Willis had one eye on using this case to boost her own political profile for an eventual run for statewide office, and Willis wanted to make sure she knew how the case played with the public.

Willis looking at massive repercussions 

Now Willis may have no future in politics.

In addition to allegations of misusing taxpayer funds, Willis is also facing charges that she perjured herself during her testimony in a hearing for a judge to decide on disqualifying her from the Trump case over conflicts of interest.

The Senate probe could end with a vote to impeach her.

Willis would likely be lucky if those were the only consequences she could face.

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