ESPN used the Super Bowl parade to spread this woke message

Feb 16, 2024

Fans and viewers just want ESPN to stick to sports.

Leftists at the network find that impossible.

And now ESPN used the Super Bowl to spread this woke message.

Tragedy struck at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl, where a deranged madman opened fire, injuring at least 20 and killing one person.

Since it was a celebration for the Super Bowl champion, ESPN was covering the situation in real time.

And instead of informing viewers of the who, what, when, where, why, and how, ESPN shifted into liberal partisan advocacy.

Not sticking to sports

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter – who has no knowledge of crime stats, gun laws, prosecution, or jail sentences in Kansas City – went on the air and falsely claimed America was awash in mass shootings, a common liberal lament that leads to calls to ban and confiscate firearms.

“We just take this story and we extrapolate it now out to a Super Bowl parade,” Schefter stated. “We could be talking about this particular event at a school. We could be talking about it at a mall. We could be talking about it at a nightclub. We could be talking about it at any facet of America. This is our country today, unfortunately…”

“These images are happening everywhere all the time, every day, every week in this country,” Schefter added “It’s disgusting. It’s sickening. It’s enough. How many times do we have to see this everywhere? So, today, it’s the Chiefs’ turn. It’s at a Super Bowl parade – tomorrow, it will be somewhere else. Somebody else will lose their life, and we will continue to come on and try to make sense of something that is inexplicable.”

Other sportscasters join in

The NFL Network’s Rich Eisen joined the parade of left-wing sports journalists who suddenly anointed themselves firearms experts and wanted guns taken away from the American people.

“Nine children. Nine children who went to a parade to celebrate their Super Bowl team. Nine children now being treated for gunshot wounds @ChildrensMercy. When are we going to collectively realize there’s a gun problem in our country and do something sensible for our kids?” Eisen whined on social media.

One of the eye-opening experiences on social media is for sports fans to see that the sports media is even more leftist than the political media.

And sports reporters can’t help but make their left-wing views known whenever the issue of firearms comes up.

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