Donald Trump was thrown for a loop over this bad news about the debate

Jun 20, 2024

Donald Trump is hoping that he can use the debate on CNN to help put away Joe Biden.

But everything might not be on the up and up with the failing cable news network.

And Donald Trump was thrown for a loop over this bad news about the debate.

CNN debate rules could favor Joe Biden 

President Joe Biden danced around the possibility of debating former President Donald Trump for months before an agreement was struck.

But the Biden campaign knew they had to do something to change the trajectory of a race that he has trailed in for months in the polls.

Trump and Biden are set to square off in an unusually early late June debate hosted by CNN and moderated by CNN hosts Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. 

This year marks a major change for the debates with the longtime organizer, the Commission on Presidential Debates, no longer involved.

Now the rules for the debate are being set by the network hosting them and agreed to buy the candidates.

Former CNN political analyst Chris Cillizza thought that the format of the upcoming debate on his old network benefited Biden more than Trump.

In this debate, CNN will be able to mute the candidates’ microphones to prevent them from speaking over their allotted time.

Moderators “will use all tools at their disposal to enforce timing and ensure civilized discussion.”

Cillizza thought this change would be a benefit to Biden.

“I don’t love it from a debate perspective, but from a who does this benefit perspective, it clearly benefits Biden,” Cillizza said. “Because if you go back and look at the debates they had, they had two in 2020 between Biden and Trump. Trump just talks and talks and talks and talks, and that’s true in 2016 too.”

That could create a saved by the bell situation for Biden, with Trump getting cut off in the middle of his point.

Cillizza noted that one of the most memorable moments of the 2020 debates was an enraged Biden telling Trump to shut up.

“That was actually probably the most memorable moment of the debate, which probably wouldn’t happen this time around with the muted mics,” Cillizza continued. “But regardless, I do think it helps Biden because I think Trump just tries to get you off your pace, off your rhythm, off your game, right?”

Joe Biden gets to retreat to his corner with commercial breaks 

Another unusual change to the CNN debate is the addition of two commercial breaks.

Previously, it was two hours straight of debating when they were organized by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Biden being able to get a break and regroup would work to his advantage according to Cillizza. 

One change he thought would work to Trump’s advantage is the lack of pre-written notes that act as a cheat sheet.

“I think that’s probably good for Trump,” he said. “So Trump, first of all, doesn’t have a ton of policy positions he needs to remember, candidly, and he’s just going to riff anyway, so it doesn’t really change anything. Biden, look, I do think he struggles a little bit more when it comes to extemporaneous speaking. I do think he has more policy that he’s going to try to remember than Trump does, and it at least creates the possibility that Biden looks a little lost at some time. If he forgets his place, he can’t sort of look down at his notes and see like one word to remind him of what he wants to say ”

Biden needs a memorable debate to shake up the dynamics of the race.

That’s why he’ll have a tall task walking away from it as the big winner. 

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