Donald Trump was floored by this confession about the 2020 election

Jan 19, 2024

The 2020 election was one of the most controversial in American history.

Donald Trump finally received vindication.

And Donald Trump was floored by this confession about the 2020 election.

In the closing weeks of the 2020 election, the Deep State, Big Tech, and the media all colluded on a scheme to censor the New York Post’s reporting about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The Post’s bombshell story contained evidence linking Joe Biden to an alleged foreign influence peddling scheme run by Hunter Biden.

Major institutions that lined up behind Joe Biden’s campaign weren’t about to let devastating revelations about Joe Biden’s corruption tip the election to Trump.

51 former intelligence community members signed a letter claiming the laptop was Russian disinformation.

Facebook and Twitter seized on this letter to censor the Post’s story.

The media claimed this was 2016 and Russian meddling all over again and refused to report on the story.

During a debate, Biden accused Donald Trump of lying about the laptop story and falsely claimed no one in his family took money from Communist China.

Joe Biden ended up winning the White House by 44,000 votes across three states.

A little over three years later, the Biden administration is finally coming clean about the laptop.

The Justice Department submitted a court filing in the criminal case against Hunter Biden on tax charges that admitted for the first time that the laptop was real.

“In August 2019, IRS and FBI investigators obtained a search warrant for tax violations for the defendant’s Apple iCloud account. In response to that warrant, in September 2019, Apple produced backups of data from various of the defendant’s electronic devices that he had backed up to his iCloud account,” the filing read. 

“Investigators also later came into possession of the defendant’s Apple MacBook Pro, which he had left at a computer store. A search warrant was also obtained for his laptop and the results of the search were largely duplicative of information investigators had already obtained from Apple,” the court filing continued.

As recently as November, Democrats like New York Congressman Daniel Goldman continued to push the Big Lie that Rudy Giuliani and the Russians colluded to fabricate misinformation about Hunter Biden.

The suppression of the laptop story changed votes and cost Trump the election.

A Media Research Center poll taken after the election found one in six Biden voters wouldn’t have supported him if they knew the truth about his scandals.

But to the elites in Washington, beating Trump was more important than a functioning democracy where fully informed voters cast their ballots based on a complete vetting of the candidates.

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