Donald Trump promised to give the military one order that keeps Democrats up at night

Jun 6, 2024

Polls show that Donald Trump could very well win re-election.

Trump and his allies are gaming out what a second Trump administration would look like.

And Donald Trump promised to give the military one order that keeps Democrats up at night.

Trump promises to purge wokeism from the military 

The military is one of the few remaining institutions the Left doesn’t totally control.

Joe Biden did his best to change that.

Biden tried to purge Trump supporters from the ranks through a COVID vaccine mandate and a stand-down order so leaders could hunt down anyone so-called “domestic extremists” – i.e. anyone to the Right of the New York Times editorial page.

Biden also implemented preferred pronoun policies and had the Air Force make flight suits for pregnant women to fly planes.

Biden also lifted Donald Trump’s ban on transgender troops.

And finally, the military fell in line and put out posts on social media pledging allegiance to the homosexual agenda and celebrating “Pride” month.

One much derided post came from the Navy SEALs, whose “Pride” month post caption read “NSW. Dignity. Service. Respect. Equality. Pride.”

Trump promises to expunge wokeism from the military

The co-hosts of Fox & Friends asked Trump about how he would deal with woke ideology in the military if he wins in November.

Trump promised swift and decisive action.

“I got to know the real fighting generals. There’s not ‘woke’ in the military. There’s ‘woke’ at the top,” Trump stated. 

Trump likely had Mark Milley on his mind – the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who blamed January 6 on “white rage” – among other woke ideologues with General’s stars.

Trump said he would fire anyone in military leadership who tried to impose wokeism on America’s fighting forces.

“They want there to be woke, but these guys aren’t meant for woke. I would fire them. You can’t have a woke military. You said it so great… You need people that want to win. They want to win wars. That’s what their purpose is, to win wars, not to be woke… but we do have great military,” Trump added.

The fact is, in today’s military, the General/flag officer ranks are way out of balance. 

During World War II, there was one admiral or general for every 6,000 troops. Today it’s one for every 1,400, a Washington Times report last year concluded. 

One top target for Trump to sack is the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Charles Q. Brown, Jr.

As Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Brown opened the first diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) office in 2021.

At a virtual conference in Chicago, Brown said all his hiring decisions were based on DEI.

“I hire for diversity, because they all bring a different perspective, which makes my decisions that much better, because I hear different sides of the argument,” Brown stated.

Brown then repeated the woke catechism of diversity being America’s strength.

“They all see it differently, you know. … Hearing from all these different groups provides a perspective, you know, ‘I didn’t think about that part.’ It makes us stronger as an Air Force, and I think it makes us stronger as a nation as well,” Brown added.

DEI is a racial spoils system that runs counter to every idea America was founded on.

But it’s especially dangerous in the military.

Hiring and promoting based on identity and not merit is a great way to get people killed, lose wars, and lose the American way of life. 

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