Democrats flipped on Hillary Clinton for this insane reason 

May 16, 2024

For decades, Hillary Clinton served as one of the leaders of the Democrat Party.

Now Clinton’s fallen out of favor with her ideological fellow travelers.

And Democrats flipped on Hillary Clinton for this insane reason.

Clinton questions campus protests 

Hillary Clinton is one of the liberals who comes from an older generation who paid attention to the fact that more than 70 percent of Jewish voters cast a ballot for the Democrat Party.

Joe Biden hailed from this crop of Democrats as well, which is why he initially sided with Israel following the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack.

In an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Clinton ripped the anti-Semitic protests on college campuses.

Clinton attacked the protestors as know-nothings who are just following the latest trendy cause.

“I have had many conversations, as you have had, with a lot of young people over the last many months now,” Clinton began. 

“They don’t know very much at all about the history of the Middle East, or frankly about history, in many areas of the world, including in our own country,” Clinton added.

Without a hint of self-awareness, Clinton also provided a damning indictment of the education system Democrats dominate.

Clinton’s comments undermine prominent Democrats 

If these woke snowflakes somehow made it to elite Ivy League institutions like Columbia without learning a shred about Middle East or U.S. history, that just speaks to the failures of the K-12 government school system, which is controlled by teacher unions, the most powerful special interest group in the Democrat Party.

Clinton also claimed this whole situation would have been avoided if former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat had accepted Bill Clinton’s deal for a Palestinian state when Clinton was President.

“It’s one of the great tragedies of history that he was unable to say yes,” Clinton added.

Liberals react with fury to Clinton’s comments

As if Americans needed another example of how far the center of gravity in the Democrat party shifted towards Hamas, the reaction to Clinton’s comments served as further proof.

Former Congressional candidate and Breaking Points co-host Krystal Ball slammed Clinton as an old head who supported genocide.

“First of all, you’re wrong. Many young people have a much more accurate view of the Middle East than you do,” Ball wrote on X.

 “Second of all, it doesn’t take a phd in Middle East history to oppose babies being starved and bombed by the thousands. It just takes some basic humanity. Something you clearly lack,” Ball added.

“Wow. Her ability to make so many inaccurate and misleading statements in such a short period of time is breathtaking,” host of BET News Marc Lamont Hill wrote on social media.

Joe Biden faces criticism for shifting his stance and reportedly withholding intelligence and arms from Israel.

That’s because Biden is terrified of losing the Muslim vote in Michigan.

Hillary Clinton is more concerned about the images of these anti-Semitic lunatics on college campuses costing Democrats among swing state voters.

But the reaction online to her remarks demonstrates the political bind Joe Biden finds himself in.

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