Democrats are in panic mode over this 2024 plot twist

Apr 8, 2024

Democrats are looking to organize a rescue operation for Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

But liberals now see they have an unforeseen problem on their hands.

And Democrats are in panic mode over this 2024 plot twist.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s candidacy complicates Biden’s path to re-election

Donald Trump holds a small, but steady lead over Joe Biden in swing state and national polls.

Liberals are terrified there is no chance for a Biden comeback if independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy qualifies for ballot access in all 50 states.

Wall Street Journal polls of the seven battlegrounds that will pick the next President all show Trump growing his lead if Kennedy is included in the ballot test.

Democrat groups organize to crush Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Democrats are putting together big money Super PACs to crush Kennedy out of the realization that Kennedy appearing on the ballot will siphon voters from Biden as Kennedy campaigns as the liberal protest vote.

“Everyone thinks this is going to be decided on the head of a pin, so people are freaked out like never before,” one top Democrat told NBC News 

Former Biden 2020 deputy campaign manager Pete Kavanaugh is now in charge of the Democrat super PAC Clear Choice. 

Clear Choice’s mission is to squelch any independent third party campaign that appears on the ballot.

“It’s imperative that this election is a clear choice between President Biden and Donald Trump. No third-party or independent candidate has any chance of winning a state in November, never mind reaching 270 electoral votes,”  a statement from Kavanaugh read. “They are spoilers, plain and simple. We’re here to work with allies to ensure those candidates are held accountable, and everything is on the table.”

But of all the potential third party spoilers, none worries Democrats more than Kennedy.

“He’s got a famous last name, he’s showing up in the numbers, and a lot of them have had personal interactions with him in the past, so there is significant interest in making sure these programs are funded,” Kavanaugh said in an interview with NBC.

Republicans delight in Kennedy appearing on the ballot 

Donald Trump wrote on Truth Social that Kennedy’s presence on the ballot was “great” for his campaign and the MAGA movement because Kennedy was running as an unreconstructed leftist.

“RFK Jr. is the most Radical Left Candidate in the race, by far. He’s a big fan of the Green New Scam, and other economy killing disasters. I guess this would mean he is going to be taking votes from Crooked Joe Biden, which would be a great service to America. His running mate, Nicole Shanahan, is even more “Liberal” than him, if that’s possible. Kennedy is a Radical Left Democrat, and always will be!!! It’s great for MAGA, but the Communists will make it very hard for him to get on the Ballot. Expect him, and her, to be indicted any day now, probably for Environmental Fraud! He is Crooked Joe Biden’s Political Opponent, not mine. I love that he is running!” Trump posted.

Joe Biden only won the 2020 election by 44,000 votes across three states.

Biden is the candidate who can’t afford to lose any voters.

And the more options on the ballot, the better the chances are that liberals who think Biden is incompetent will believe they can still vote for their values by pulling the lever for Kennedy.

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