Crack in Joe Biden’s blue wall has Democrats in full-blown panic after a shocking election result their media pals ignored

Nov 15, 2023

Conservatives were disheartened by the off-year election results in Virginia and Kentucky.

But it turns out it wasn’t all bad news.

And this crack in Joe Biden’s blue wall has Democrats in full-blown panic over one shocking election their media pals ignored.

A small town in Michigan just used the November elections to vote to recall five members of its governing board.

Ignoring your constituents can have consequences

This was a result of the board members repeatedly ignoring strong local opposition to building a plant in the town for a Communist Chinese company.

Green Charter Township is a small town of roughly 3,200 people located in central Michigan, just under an hour north of Grand Rapids.

Residents of Green Charter voted overwhelmingly to change the town’s leadership after its township board continually voted to support building a plant in the town for Gotion, Inc.

Gotion makes batteries for electric vehicles.

While Gotion is headquartered in Silicon Valley, it is the subsidiary of a Communist Chinese parent company.

Back in December 2020, all seven members of the Green Charter Township Board voted for a $2 billion deal with Gotion.

They cast the unanimous vote largely because of the possibility of thousands of new jobs in the town.

But area residents immediately came out in opposition to the plant, expressing concerns about both negative effects on the local environment and the very real dangers of Communist Chinese infiltration into the town.

The council members seemingly laughed off the fears of Communist infiltration even though corporate documents explicitly require Gotion to “set up a party organization and carry out party activities in accordance with the constitution of the Communist Party of China” and “ensure necessary conditions for carrying out party activities.”

Our number one enemy

“China is our number-one enemy!” one angry resident yelled at a board meeting last spring.
“My family members fought communism, and you’re bringing it right here,” said another.

Over the past few months, Green Charter residents gathered enough signatures to force a recall election for board members, who normally would not have faced re-election until 2024.

Tensions between board members and residents got so bad during the year that two board members, James Peek and Gary Todd, had already resigned before the elections.

Then, on election day, more than 1,000 Green Charter voters showed up and voted to oust the remaining five: Trustees Dale Jernstadt and Roger Carroll; Clerk Janet Clark; Treasurer Denise MacFarlane; and Supervisor Jim Chapman.

Many voters told reporters they were bothered not just by the prospect of a Communist Chinese-based plant in the town but also by board members repeatedly ignoring their concerns.

“I’m voting because our elected representatives decided they weren’t going to represent us and they were going to make decisions on their own wishes, and I think they forget who they represent,” said Ross Meads.

The new board members now find themselves in the potion of either implementing the will of the people immediately or, like their predecessors, face the wrath of the voters.

That’s because all board members are up for re-election next year.

And clearly the residents of Green Charter know how to hold politicians accountable.

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