Bill Maher revealed the one way Democrats changed that enraged him

May 31, 2024

Real Time host Bill Maher is a lonely voice on the Left these days.

Maher’s not happy with what he’s seeing from his own side.

And Bill Maher revealed the one way Democrats changed that enraged him.

Maher claps back at leftists who claims he’s changed 

Maher is still a loyal Democrat and a liberal in the sense of the word his liberals used to define themselves.

That’s drawn Maher critics on the left who claimed he sold out or moved to the right.

Maher addressed these critics in an interview with CNN host Fareed Zakaria.

In the sit down, Maher told Zakaria that the reason he points more barbs at the left is because liberals have lost their minds.

“I haven’t turned. Yes, people have said to me, ‘You made fun of the left more than you used to,’ and guilty, I have, because the left has changed,” Maher stated.

Maher made it clear he’s no conservative or fan of Donald Trump as he still believes in the falsehood that Trump wants to end American democracy.

“I mean, the right doesn’t believe in democracy anymore. I mean, they’ve thrown their lot in with a sociopath named Donald Trump, who only thinks elections count when we win,” Maher added.

However, Maher said his dislike of Donald Trump doesn’t absolve the Left of their sins.

“But it’s not like the left hasn’t changed also,” Maher continued. 

“So I’m going to call it out wherever I see it,” Maher told Zakaria.

Where Maher says the modern Left lost its way 

Maher had no problem ticking off the areas where liberals lost him with their dive off the deep end.

Support for open borders, defunding the police, and the embrace of communism were all stances adopted by modern-day liberals that appalled Maher.

 But Maher’s biggest area of criticism revolves around woke ideology with Maher singling out the left’s insanity on “gender and race and free speech” as being of massive concern to him.

One of the common criticisms of Maher by younger liberals is that “old heads” don’t get how the world’s changed.

Maher rejected that line of thinking.

“No, it’s not that I’ve gotten old, it’s that your ideas are stupid,” Maher stated.

As an example, Maher described why he supported the campus protests against the Vietnam War in the 1960s and opposed the current uprising at colleges and universities in support of Hamas.

In the 1960s, Maher told Zakaria, the protests were organized around opposition, to the U.S. government.

Maher compared that to today where the pro-Hamas protestors’ organizing principle is to harass Jewish students on campus.

“That was very different. First of all, the students weren’t against their own,” Maher remarked. “These students were threatening other students. That didn’t happen in the Vietnam War.”

Maher claimed the Vietnam War was a debatable proposition.

“And being against the Vietnam War made sense. It was a war that we probably should not have been in,” Maher declared.

Today’s protestors are in the streets and taking over college campuses in support of an Islamic terrorist group.

“But listen, this is demonstrating and protesting for a terrorist group,” Maher concluded.

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