Alvin Bragg’s big gamble instantly blew up in his face

May 9, 2024

Alvin Bragg’s criminal trial against Donald Trump is through its first two weeks.

Bragg’s case looks even more ridiculous than ever though.

And now Alvin Bragg’s big gamble has just instantly blown up in his face.

Hope Hicks testimony proves useful for Trump’s defense 

There was perhaps no aide Trump felt closer to than Hope Hicks.

Trump affectionately called her “my Hopey,” as she was one of the first hires on the 2016 Presidential campaign after working at the Trump Organization.

Hicks had no experience in politics and then went to Washington to serve as a top communications aide in the Trump White House.

Now the villainous Bragg sought to use Hicks’ testimony to bolster his insane case that legal nondisclosure agreements were a criminal conspiracy to steal the 2016 election and send Trump to jail for 136 years.

But Hicks’ testimony ended up bolstering Trump’s defense.

That’s because Hicks confirmed that Trump wanted to pay Stormy Daniels the $130,000 to settle the nondisclosure agreement to keep his wife Melania from finding out about these allegations.

What Hicks told the court

Hicks testified that Trump actually asked her to remove copies of the November 4, 2016 Wall Street Journal containing the story about Karen McDougal’s affair allegations from Trump Tower.

Trump – Hicks – told the jury he was “concerned how it would be viewed by his wife.” 

Bragg’s loony theory is that Trump got freaked out by the Access Hollywood tape and agreed to the Daniels payment, fearing the affair allegations would destroy his campaign.

But Hicks testified that wasn’t the case.

Hicks said Trump believed the tape “wasn’t good,” but also that his public defense – that it was just “locker room talk” – matched his initial reaction as Hicks said Trump felt it was “pretty standard stuff for two guys chatting.”

Hicks also confirmed that Trump’s motivation for the payment was to protect his wife.

“President Trump really values Mrs. Trump’s opinion, and she doesn’t weigh in all the time, but when she does it’s really meaningful to him,” Hicks stated.

“He really, really respects what she has to say,” she added. “I think he was just concerned about what her perception of this would be.”

Hicks buries Michael Cohen

Disgraced former lawyer Michael Cohen is set to be Bragg’s star witness.

Hicks buried Cohen, putting heaps upon heaps of dirt over the idea that Cohen is a credible witness.

During her testimony, Hicks testified that Trump told her Cohen made the payment to protect Trump’s reputation from a false allegation.

“Mr. Trump was saying he had spoken to Michael and that Michael had paid this woman to protect him from a false allegation,” Hicks told the jury. 

“And that Michael felt like it was his job to protect him, and that that’s what he was doing. And he did it out of the kindness of his own heart and he never told anybody about it,” Hicks recounted.

Hicks also said Cohen was a notorious incompetent who had a history of following the beat of his own drum to put out the fires he started.

Trump lawyer Emil Bove asked Hicks if Cohen’s actions “were frustrating” to the campaign and were often “unauthorized,” and if Cohen “went rogue at times?”

“Yes,” Hicks answered.

“Yes. I used to say that he liked to call himself a fixer or Mr. Fix It, and it was only because he first broke it,” Hicks said, “that he was able to fix it.”

Alvin Bragg ran into the same problem with Hope Hicks that he has with every other witness.

Bragg has yet to present any evidence of a crime.

That’s because Bragg charged Trump with 34 felony counts by trying to turn legal conduct into criminal activity through smoke and mirrors.

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