A View co-host admitted the one number that scares her the most about Joe Biden 

May 21, 2024

Reality is setting in for liberal pundits and journalists.

Their nightmare scenario is playing out right before their very eyes.

Now a co-host on The View admitted the one number that scares her the most about Joe Biden. 

The View co-hosts press the panic button over Joe Biden’s dismal polling

Biden’s handlers assured the media that once voters became aware of the fact that Donald Trump would be the Republican nominee for President, the polls would snap back in Joe Biden’s favor.

Donald Trump officially wrapped up the GOP nomination more than two months ago.

And the latest round of polling by the New York Times and Siena University of Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin showed Trump leading Biden in five out of the six critical swing states.

The Times/Siena poll also showed that in those six battlegrounds, 38 percent of voters approved of Joe Biden’s job as President.

There are less than six months until the November election, and the co-hosts on The View said the time for happy talk was over.

Fake conservative Alyssa Farrah Griffin fretted that Biden’s messaging is all wrong.

Griffin cited Biden’s disastrous interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, where Biden essentially told the American people they were stupid for thinking inflation meant economic conditions were poor.

“He did an interview with Erin Burnett and he said, ‘Actually, you’re better off than you think you are.’ That’s a bad message when people’s grocery prices are up by 30 percent,” Griffin stated.

“You’re saying, ‘Believe me rather than what your bank account is telling you.’ He’s got six months to come up with an inspiring, forward-looking message and get out there and talk about it,” Griffin began.

A demand that the media actively help Biden win re-election

Griffin also called on her fellow members of the media to join the Biden re-election effort and “engage Trump voters.” 

She suggested that members of the media should also begin a smear campaign to scare voters and “talk about what a second [Trump] term could look like and how dangerous it is.”

“I think that’s how we need to be using our voices and the campaign, the Biden campaign just has to get more active,” Griffin urged her fellow liberals in the press.

Co-host Sunny Hostin agreed.

“I’m concerned like Alyssa is,” stated Hostin. 

Joe Biden’s approval rating, according to Real Clear Politics, is 39.6 percent.

That’s far lower than Barack Obama at this point in 2012 or Bill Clinton in 1996.

“You know, when you look at these stats, it’s very clear that Biden is actually worse off now six months from the election than Obama was and when Bill Clinton was. They had disapproval ratings that were pretty high, but his are even lower, right? So that concerns me,” Hostin added.

Biden supporters stick to a losing narrative

But Hostin fell back on a refrain that supporters of losing campaigns always cling to when they are down, and that is that polls don’t vote.

“I also agree it’s up to the American people, it’s not up to the polls, and we are six months away,” Hostin concluded.

Campaigns down in the polls trot out talking points like this to keep their voters and donors from getting discouraged.

But it’s all just magical thinking for campaigns to convince their supporters to continue buying in since the actual metrics of the election paint a bleak picture.

That’s exactly where the Biden campaign finds itself right now.

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