A top Democrat delivered the media this unspeakable ultimatum about the 2024 election

Feb 27, 2024

Polls show trust in the media is at a historic low.

The rampant liberal bias is the main driver of the distrust.

And now a top Democrat delivered the media this unspeakable ultimatum about the 2024 election.

Former two-term Democrat Senator from Missouri, Claire McCaskill, is now an analyst on MSNBC.

In her 12 years in Washington, D.C., McCaskill cultivated an image of herself as a down-to-earth moderate.

But on MSNBC, the shackles are off, and McCaskill can be her true self.

During an appearance on Morning Joe, an enraged McCaskill demanded the media stop doing all journalism, drop any fact-checking of Joe Biden, and instead turn into an unofficial Super PAC for the Biden campaign and devote 100 percent of their coverage towards attacking Donald Trump.

“Can I make a suggestion? I move that every newspaper in America quits doing any fact checks on Joe Biden until they fact check Donald Trump every morning on the front page. It is ridiculous that The New York Times fact check Joe Biden on something. I mean, he vomits lies, Trump vomits lies. And he, every day over and over and over again. And it’s just ridiculous that The New York Times is doing a fact check on Biden while they let Trump- they’re numb to the torrent of lies coming out of Trump’s mouth,” McCaskill ranted.

This was the standard operating procedure in Soviet Russia.

What set McCaskill off was a story in the New York Times headlined “Fact-Checking Biden’s Recent Economic Talking Points.”

In the story, reporter Angelo Fichera found some of Biden’s recent economic claims misleading.

Fichera called out Biden for saying during a January campaign event, “We now have a thousand billionaires in America. You know what their average tax rate is — federal tax? 8.2 percent.”

That’s not true.

Biden is saying 8.2 percent is the tax rate billionaires pay based on a study commissioned by the White House in support of a proposal to tax Americans on unrealized stock gains.

Joe Biden wants to tax Americans if their stock portfolio goes up, even if you don’t sell your stocks and make any money.

And Biden is claiming that based on this measure, billionaires only pay 8.2 percent income, as measured by the socialist system Biden would like to impose, where the government confiscates your wealth even if you don’t actually make any money.

Fichera also said Biden gaslit the public when he claimed in January that “the only president other than Donald Trump that lost jobs during an administration was Herbert Hoover.”

This was also misleading because Donald Trump only saw job losses because of COVID lockdowns.

Before the pandemic hit, Trump saw an increase in the number of jobs in America.

“But before the pandemic took hold, Mr. Trump had a positive jobs record. Jobs had increased from 145.6 million jobs in January 2017 to 152 million jobs in January 2020 — a rise of 6.4 million jobs, or 4.4 percent,” Fichera wrote.

“About half of the nearly 22 million jobs lost in early 2020 were recovered before Mr. Trump left office,” Fichera continued.

Few Americans would think the Times takes it easy on Donald Trump.

But Joe Biden’s losing in the polls.

And one of the disturbing features of modern-day liberalism is not just that the woke mob captured control of virtually every institution in America, from sports to academia to Hollywood to the media to the bureaucracy and the intelligence agencies, but that liberals expect them to openly work in service of the Democrat Party.

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