A Republican Governor made this unthinkable prediction about civil war

Jan 30, 2024

Joe Biden is pushing the envelope.

Republicans aren’t backing down.

And now a Republican Governor made this unthinkable prediction about civil war.

Texas continues to put up razor wire at key border sectors after the Supreme Court ceded to the Biden Administration’s demand for a rubber stamp, its authority to resume cutting through the barriers, and allow illegal immigrants into the country for processing.

The Supreme Court’s ruling stayed a lower court decision which blocked the federal government from demolishing the concertina wire barriers.

Despite the lies in the media, Texas isn’t “defying” the Supreme Court, as all the court’s ruling means is that the administration can now remove razor wire.

However, that leaves Texas free to put up as much razor wire fencing as it desires to try and stop illegal aliens from crossing the border.

Democrats like Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro are demanding that Joe Biden federalize the Texas National Guard to stop the state from enforcing immigration law.

Newsmax host Carl Higbie asked Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt if all this talk by Democrats after seizing control of state National Guard units was a precursor to a “force on force conflict.

“Let’s say this showdown– I mean, that’s, that’s what it is, it’s a showdown, it’s a showdown of power and loyalties and constitutionality. Let’s say he does that, how many people say, “No. You know what? Screw you, Biden administration,” and how many people stay and fight with Texas versus the federal things, and does that put us on course for a force on force conflict?” Higbie asked.

Stitt called the situation a “powder keg” but danced around the idea of actual armed conflict between the state and federal government.

The Oklahoma Governor said he was one of 25 other GOP Governors defending Texas’ right to defend itself from invasion under the Constitution’s Article 1, Section 10 authority.

Stitt said any attempt to federalize the guard to keep the border open would put the troops in a situation where they would defy Joe Biden and instead possibly remain loyal to the orders given by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

“We certainly stand with Texas on the right to defend themselves, but Biden’s gonna be in a tough situation, so in other words, he’s going to try to federalize these troops. In other words, put them on federal orders, and so now their allegiance technically goes to the president of the United States instead of the governor, and of course I think a lot of Texans– these are still– they’re still Texans that are weekend, you know they’re in the National Guard, they do one weekend a month or when they get called up on duties by the governor, and I think they would be in a difficult situation to protect their homeland or to follow what Biden’s saying. I think it will be very interesting,” Stitt stated.

Stitt pointed out that even if Biden federalized the Texas National Guard, other red states sent guard units to Texas to assist in securing the border.

“But then, you know, then you’ve got Oklahoma and Florida and Tennessee and you’ve got all these other states that would send our National Guard to help and to support the efforts of Governor Abbott, because every state is a border state. You talked about fentanyl. The deaths in Oklahoma since I’ve taken office are up 500% and we know that’s coming across the southern border, and then you think about the terrorists,” Stitt concluded.

Joe Biden clearly wants open borders and millions of illegal aliens entering America.

Republicans are now left wondering just how far Biden plans to go in pursuit of his destructive policy agenda.

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