A Judge handed down this jail sentence that left Trump red with rage

Jun 11, 2024

The weaponized Justice system is unleashing its full might against Donald Trump and his supporters.

Joe Biden and the Democrats crossed the line.

A Judge handed down this jail sentence that left Trump red with rage.

Federal Judge forces Steve Bannon to report to prison 

A federal Judge ordered Steve Bannon to report to prison on July 1 to begin serving his sentence for contempt of Congress.

Bannon failed to comply with a subpoena to testify before the January 6th Committee after Donald Trump invoked executive privilege.

Lower courts ruled that since Joe Biden was President at the time, he could waive Donald Trump’s executive privilege.

Bannon responded to Judge Carl Nichols’ order by pledging to fight all the way to the Supreme Court.

 “We’re going to go all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to,” Bannon declared.

Bannon also warned Joe Biden that the weaponized justice system couldn’t silence and couldn’t stop Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign.

There’s not a prison, there’s not a prison, there’s not a prison built. There’s not a prison built or jail built that will ever shut me up, Bannon stated.”

Bannon also told reporters that “we’re going to win on November 5th in an amazing landslide with the Senate, the House, and also Donald J. Trump back as president of the United States. Thank you very much.”

Donald Trump responds 

Donald Trump held out the Bannon sentence as another example of the weaponized justice system.

The House of Representatives held then-Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt for not turning over documents related to the “Operation: Fast and Furious Scandal.”

Obama’s Justice Department obviously wouldn’t prosecute his own attorney general.

But Joe Biden’s Justice Department had no problem bringing similar charges against Bannon and fellow Trump advisor Peter Navarro.

Trump lambasted the double standard of justice.

“It is a Total and Complete American Tragedy that the Crooked Joe Biden Department of Injustice is so desperate to jail Steve Bannon, and every other Republican, for that matter, for not SUBMITTING to the Unselect Committee of Political Thugs, made up of all Democrats, and two CRAZED FORMER REPUBLICAN LUNATICS, Cryin’ Adam Kinzinger, and Liz “Out of Her Mind” Cheney,” Trump wrote on social media.

Trump blasted the January 6th Committee for allegedly obstructing justice and official proceedings by deleting records from their witch hunt.

“It has been irrefutably proven that it was the Unselects who committed actual crimes when they deleted and destroyed all material evidence, in a pathetic attempt to protect Crazy Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats from the TRUTH — THAT I DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG,” Trump added.

Trump said the weaponization of the government is reaching a dangerous level and according to him the real criminals were the members of the January 6th Committee who allegedly deleted files and passwords.

“The unAmerican Weaponization of our Law Enforcement has reached levels of Illegality never thought possible before. INDICT THE UNSELECT J6 COMMITTEE FOR ILLEGALLY DELETING AND DESTROYING ALL OF THEIR “FINDINGS!” MAGA2024.” Trump continued.

“It would not have mattered whether Steve Bannon, and others, went in front of the Unselect Committee of Criminal Hacks and Thugs, BECAUSE ALL OF THE INFORMATION ENDED UP BEING ILLEGALLY DELETED AND DESTROYED BY THESE CORRUPT RADICALS!” Trump concluded.

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