A Democrat District Attorney made one huge decision after Laken Riley’s death

Mar 5, 2024

Police arresting an illegal alien in conjunction with the death of University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley left Americans outraged.

Democrats are trying to minimize the political fallout for opening the border and allowing this tragedy to unfold.

And a Democrat District Attorney made one huge decision after Laken Riley’s death.

Democrat DA steps aside after facing criticism over soft-on-crime record 

Athens-Clarke County’s Deborah Gonzalez stepped aside after police arrested 26-year-old illegal alien Jose Ibarra on charges he kidnapped and beat Laken to death.

Special Prosecutor Sheila Ross will take over the case.

Critics blasted Gonzalez as the type of soft-on-crime prosecutor who invites violent criminals to feel like they own streets.

In her time in office, Gonzalez failed to prosecute 46 percent of criminal charges and pled down 130 felony cases.

Gonzalez has also failed to win a single guilty verdict in a jury trial.

Trial attorney Kevin Epps – who is using Gonzalez in an unrelated case –  told WSB-TV that Gonzalez lacked the experience and ideological resolve to see this case through due to her previous statements of support for illegal aliens, saying prosecutors needed to “take into account collateral consequences to undocumented defendants.”

“Gonzalez has failed to achieve one guilty verdict in a jury trial involving any type of criminal case,” Epps decaled.

“We currently have a district attorney that has a complete inability to prosecute this case appropriately,” Epps added.

DA comes under fire from Republicans

Georgia State Rep. Houston Gaines ripped Gonzalez for not winning convictions in any rape or murder cases and declaring that Ibarra deserved the death penalty if convicted, but that he had no confidence in Gonzalez to prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law.

“She’s also repeatedly failed to secure convictions in murder and rape cases and has only a handful of attorneys left in the office due to mass resignations,” Gaines declared.

“The death penalty should be sought for Jose Ibarra. But Athens District Attorney Deborah Gonzalez has said she won’t seek the death penalty,” Gaines continued. 

“I sincerely hope she reverses course,” Gaines concluded.

Even Georgia Governor Brian Kemp – who defended Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis – tore into Gonzalez over fears she would let Ibarra off the hook.

“Well, she best do that,” Kemp told reporters. 

“Because the whole country and the world is watching this case. Small crimes, we see it every day, lead to big crimes. And that’s what we’ve seen in this instance,” Kemp added.

Laken death a result of open border

The open border and 7.2 million illegal aliens entering America weren’t the result of unforeseen circumstances.

Facilitating the huge increase of illegal aliens entering America was a policy choice by Joe Biden.

The administration released Ibarra from custody in September 2022 under the parole authority Biden abused to grant temporary amnesty to nearly 500,000 illegal aliens.

Political pressure is growing on Democrats over the border crisis.

And Gonzalez stepping away from this case is just the first domino to fall.

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